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Training Packages

Ananda Training & Consultancy specialises in designing and delivering quality professional development and capacity building training to successfully implement organisation and workplace Diversity and Inclusion Policy. 

We deliver the training in an informative and interactive environment, using participants' current knowledge and lived experiences to maximise learning. We implement adult education principles and 70-20-10 model for learning and development.

Click here for examples of past training. 

Training Packages: 


Intersectionality Training

Exploring intersectionality framework in diversity and inclusion. Specialising in improving and implementing intersectional lens in Diversity & Inclusion strategies. 

Whiteness in the Workplace

Unpacking the persistence of Whiteness and White privilege that influence race relations in the workplace to improve Diversity and Inclusion strategies beyond cultural competency and cultural awareness. 

LGBTIQ 101 for Multicultural Communities

A training program specific to multicultural communities and services to build understanding, acceptance, and inclusion towards LGBTIQ+ members of the community that is culturally safe and appropriate.

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