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Whiteness in  the Workplace 

Unpacking Whiteness, racial inequity and injustice in the workplace to improve Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategies. 

What is Whiteness in the workplace? 

What are the impacts of racial inequity and injustice? 

How can we move beyond cultural awareness and competency? 


​This workshop is designed to inform Diversity, Equity & Inclusion practitioners to unpack the persistence of Whiteness in an Anglo-dominated society and workplaces.


 ​The workshop will go beyond the concepts of cultural competency and cultural awareness to challenge the normalisation of Whiteness in the workplace.


​The workshop will address: 

  • Racial inequity and injustice from the human rights and social justice lens. 

  • The concepts of Whiteness and White privilege.

  • The influence of racial hierarchy and privileges in Diversity & Inclusion strategies.

  • Re-centering and re-aligning current approaches to dismantle Whiteness, power hierarchy, and systemic racial inequity & injustice. 

  • Improving current practices and establishing a sustainable change. 


Please visit our Fees page to check our competitive rate. ​


​We specialise in providing a bespoke training package to suit your organisation's learning goals and objectives. Please contact us to explore this option. ​​​

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