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LGBTIQA+ 101for Ethnic and Faith Communities ​

Building understanding, acceptance and inclusion of LGBTIQA+ communities from ethnic and faith backgrounds. 

What is LGBTIQA+

​How can we create an inclusive environment that is culturally appropriate and safe? 

​How can we lead LGBTIQA+ inclusive practice in our cultural and faith communities?  


This training will provide participants with an understanding of LGBTIQA+ identities that is specifically designed for multicultural communities.


The purpose is to start the conversation to build awareness, acceptance, and inclusion.

​Topics to be covered:  

  • Understanding the LGBTIQA+ acronyms.

  • Exploring LGBTIQA+ identities across cultures. 

  • Building awareness of LGBTIQA+ acceptance that is culturally safe. 

  • Creating pathway for inclusion based on existing cultural values, and human right principles.  

​ The training will be tailored to meet the learning needs of multicultural and multifaith organisations and communities.  


We have the expertise, lived and living experiences in the intersections between ethnicity, faith, culture and LGBTIQA+ identities.


​We can also tailor our training to inform professional translators and interpreters of the LGBTIQA+ terminology, and ways to provide a culturally safe and respectful translation and interpreting services to members of the LGBTIQA+ communities. ​



Please visit our Fees page to explore our competitive rate. ​


We specialise in delivering quality and custom-designed training programs to suit the organisational learning needs. Please contact us to explore this option. ​​


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