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Ananda Training & Consultancy

Ananda Training & Consultancy is an ethical business that aim to assist workplaces  and organisations to centre intersectionality, equity and justice as part of their organisation's DNA, from its values, leaderships, and workforce. We implement growth mindset and learning agility to empower organisations and workplaces to be intersectional where all people feel safe and valued that contribute to their productivity and a sense of belonging to the workplace. 

We focus on intersectionality, equity and justice, and we provide practical strategies to create a more equitable and just workplaces. 

We lead from the heart, using human rights and social justice principles to create a meaningful and sustainable change. We operate using a human-centric approach.

Based in Melbourne and servicing all major Australian cities, we provide an interactive and on-site training to explore current practices, identify strength and improvement, and set practical goals.

Our business ethics and operations are guided by the social justice and human rights principles. 

We are an LGBTIQA+ owned small business with a commitment towards equity and justice. 



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