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LGBTIQA+ Intersectional Allyship Training

Moving from a passive ally to an active and intersectional ally and accompice

What is allyship?

​What are the differences between a passive ally, an active ally, and an accomplice? ​

How can we be an intersectional ally?


​In this program, we will unpack the meaning of allyship, the do's and don'ts of an ally, and ways to incorporate an intersectional framework in allyship.


​This training is for upcoming and existing LGBTIQA+ allies to fine-tuned their skills and confidence to advocate for the rights of LGBTIQA+ communities and the intersectionality that exists within it. ​



Please visit our Fees page to explore our competitive rate. ​


We specialise in delivering quality and custom-designed training programs to suit the organisational learning needs. Please contact us to explore this option​

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