Budi Sudarto

Budi Sudarto

Director, Trainer and Consultant

Pronoun: he/him and they/them

Budi has been an active member of Melbourne's lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, and queer (LGBTIQ) community since his arrival to Australia in 1998. Budi worked as a Health Educator, coordinating the Peer Education Coordinator at the Victorian AIDS Council (VAC) from 2011 to 2017. Budi expanded the portfolio to include education on sexual and gender diversity delivered to the international education sector, the disability sector, and multicultural services. Budi completed a Master degree in Sociology from Monash University, exploring the intersections between ethnicity and sexuality. 

Budi continues to use his passion, analytical skills and curiosity to explore and reflect on inclusion and belonging by addressing power dynamics that influence workplace system and culture. Budi uses his skills and knowledge to assist individuals and organisations to unpack cognitive blind spots, reflect on power and privilege, and embody inclusive leadership traits to foster and maintain inclusion and belonging in the workplace and beyond.


  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110)

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Adult Education), Monash University, Australia.

  • Master of Arts (Research) in Sociology, Monash University, Australia. 

  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Monash University, Australia.



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  • Sudarto B 2018a, "Twenty Years On: A Personal Reflection", in M Pallotta-Chiarolli (Ed), Living and Loving in Diversity: An Anthology of Australian Multicultural Queer Adventures, Wakefield Press, South Australia, pp. 240 - 247.  

  • Sudarto B 2018b, "Gay Asian Proud", in M Pallotta-Chiarolli (Ed), Living and Loving in Diversity: An Anthology of Australian Multicultural Queer Adventures, Wakefiled Press, South Australia, pp. 296 - 297. Online purchase can be made through Hares & Hyenas Bookshop

  • Sudarto B 2008, "Without Love, There Won't Be Us": A Narrative of Gay Asian Man/Gay White Man Couple, Gay and Lesbian Issues and Psychological Review, Vol. 4, No, 8, pp. 23 - 34. 

Community Involvement: 

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Ki Hayward

Trainer and Consultant

Pronoun: they/them

Ki Hayward is an LGBTI and disability advocate, having been involved in the design and delivery of LGBTI and Disability Training delivered for NDIS LAC. Ki was a member of the Disability Reference Group at the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission, providing insights into the needs of people living with disability who identify as member of the LGBTI communities. Ki was the social media manager of Clickability, an online resources for people living with disability to find inclusive services. Ki was also involved in Geelong for Marriage Equality campaign. 

Ki is passionate to ensure disability services are inclusive of the LGBTI communities and have contributed to the discussion through public speaking and training. Additionally, Ki is an advocate for young people living in aged care with the focus of encouraging the sector to provide independent or assisted living for young people outside of the aged care system. Ki has a 7-years lived experiences of YPINH (Young People in Nursing Home) and housing issues. 

Ki is currently studying Diploma of Community Development/Community Services at Victoria University. 

Dr Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli

Researcher, Trainer & Consultant

Pronoun: she/her

Dr Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli has gained national and international recognition as a writer, qualitative researcher, educator, trainer and seminar facilitator, consultant and community advocate and ally in the issues of cultural diversity, gender diversity, sexual diversity, family diversity, HIV/AIDS, and social diversity. Maria is internationally renowned for successfully working with marginalised, vulnerable, sensitive and “hard-to-reach” communities, has conducted multiple qualitative research that implement decolonialising research practice, as well as a longstanding ally to the LGBTIQ communities. Maria is a member of the Gender and Sexuality Studies Network and LGBTIQ Network at Deakin University.

Maria is the recipient of GLOBE Straight Ally of the Year Award, in 2018, an editor at large for AGMC Living and Loving in Diversity: An Anthology of Australian Multicultural Queer Adventures, and is currently conducting a reseach into the discriminations faced by multicultural/multifaith LGBTIQ communities in Victoria. 

Visit Maria's website: http://mariapallottachiarolli.com.au/


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Social Sciences), University of Technology, Sydney.

  • Master of Arts (Gender Studies), University of Adelaide, South Australia.

  • Gradudate Diploma of Arts (Gender Studies), University of South Australia, South Australia.

  • Diploma of Education in English and Humanities, University of Adelaide, South Australia. 

  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Adelaide, South Australia. 


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  • Someone You Know: A Friend's Farewell. Adelaide: Wakefield Press. (1991, 2002). 

Community Involvement: 

  • Australian GLBTIQ Multicultural Council (AGMC Inc.), Committee, 2004 - current. 

  • Victoria Police LGBTI Reference Group, Member, 2014 - current. 

  • Victoria Police Multicultural Portfolio Reference Group, Member, 2014 - current.