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Ananda Training & Consultancy

A boutique and ethical training and consultancy agency specialising in

intersectionality based on equity, justice and human rights principles. 

We deliver bespoke training programs on: 

Intersectionality Training

Embedding an intersectional framework in the workplace to ensure that all people are valued.


Whiteness in the Workplace
Unpacking the persistence of Whiteness, racial inequity and injustice in the workplace to improve Diversity & Inclusion Strategies beyond cultural competency and cultural awareness.

LGBTIQA+ 101 for Ethnic and Faith Communities

A training program specifically designed for ethnic and faith communities to improve understanding on LGBTIQ+ communities, raising awareness and building a safe and welcoming space for LGBTIQA+ individuals in their communities. 

LGBTIQA+ Intersectional Allyship Training

A bespoke program to explore the meaning of allyship and how to become an active ally and an accomplice to the LGBTIQA+ communities and the intersectionality that exists within it. 

We also provide Consultancy and Evaluation services for your organisation to review and improve current practices when implementing Diversity and Inclusion strategies.

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