Race in 
the Workplace 

Unpacking racial inequity and inequality in the workplace improve Diversity & Inclusion strategies. 

What are the impact of racial inequity and inequality in the workplace? 

How have Whiteness and White Privilege influenced our workplace culture? 

How can we improve our practices beyond cultural competency and cultural awareness? 

This workshop is designed to inform Diversity & Inclusion practitioners to unpack the influence of racial inequity and inequality in the workplace to improve Diversity & Inclusion strategies. 

The workshop will go beyond the notions of cultural competency and cultural awareness and establish a new approach that challenges the normalisation of Whiteness to ensure racial equity, equality, and justice are included in the thinking, design, and delivery of Diversity and Inclusion initiatives.

The workshop will address: 

  • Racial inequity and inequality from human rights and social justice lens. 

  • The concepts of Whiteness and White privilege.

  • The influence of racial hierarchy and privileges in Diversity & Inclusion strategies.

  • Re-centring and re-aligning current approaches to dismantle Whiteness, power hierarchy, and systemic racial inequity & inequality. 

  • Improving current practices and establishing a sustainable change. 


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