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21st Century Leadership in Inclusion and Belonging

To be a 21st Century leaders in a globalised and inter-connected world. 


What are some limitations of the Diversity and Inclusion strategies? 

How can we address the status quo? 

How can we be a diverse and inclusive organisation? 

What traits that I can embrace to be an inclusive leader? 

This training will provide participants with some practical tools to reflect on the existing diversity and inclusion framework, address some challenges in its implementation, and provide strategies to be an inclusive leader. 

Training Package: 

3 hours training session that will cover the following topics: 

  • Unpacking the term 'diversity and inclusion'

  • Understanding and challenging power ideologies and status quo. 

  • Exploring power, the self, and the workplace. 

  • Embracing inclusive leadership traits. 

  • Strategies for self improvement and implementation.

  • Strategies for workplace implementation. 

  • Goal settings and on-going improvement.  


Please visit our Fees page to check our competitive rate. 

We specialise in providing a bespoke training package to suit your organisation's learning goals and objectives. Please contact us to explore this option. 

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